We wish to congratulate the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) for publishing the 6th Edition of its popular and highly-anticipated National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Students

CHCI’s National Directory serves as a comprehensive listing and an invaluable resource guide for Latino high school and college students looking to secure opportunities in higher education and professional work experience.  To download the 6th Edition of the National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowship for Latino Students, please click here.

Thank you to CHCI for allowing the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund of Metro Orlando to make this resource available to our community.

College Admissions 411

The Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund is proud to partner with HITN-TV to offer you a series of videos and guides to help high school students take the necessary steps to navigate the complicated college admissions process.  All of the information is available online through the College Admissions 411 portal –

Once you access the College Admissions 411 site, be sure to click on the tabs on the left to access the following important information:

  • Videos:  Each Spanish-only video covers a different topic to help guide and inspire US Latino students and their families to take the necessary steps to pursue a college education.  The videos range from the development of strategies, completing and submitting a college admissions application, applying for financial aid, enrolling into advanced placement courses, taking standardized tests, and much more.

  • Timeline:  Here you download guides that are specific for students in their Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year of high school.  Each guide contains a number of critical “action steps” and “dates” depending on the students’ year in high school.  The content for this section is available in both English and Spanish.

  • Resources:  Provides a link to additional online resources that complement each video episode.

Take advantage of these great resources by visiting the College Admissions 411 portal –

Special thanks to HITN-TV for the development of these videos and guides and for allowing us to share this information with our community in Central Florida.

En Camino – Educational Toolkit for Families

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) has released new informational tools to help parents and families prepare for college. The new set of multi-media resources will help people unfamiliar with navigating the U.S. college system gain access and information necessary for preparing and succeeding in college and beyond.

En Camino is a set of five online modules with activities for Spanish-speaking families to help increase their investment in and pursuit of educational opportunities.  Click here to access the En Camino modules.


KnowHow2GO is a public awareness campaign to guide students on how to turn their college dreams into action oriented-goals.  The KnowHow2GO campaign was launched in January 2007 by the American Council on EducationLumina Foundation for Education and the Ad Council.  The KnowHow2GO Florida campaign is coordinated throughout the state of Florida by the Florida College Access Network.  This multiyear, ground and media effort includes television, radio and outdoor public service advertisements (PSAs) that encourage 8th through 10th graders to prepare for college using four simple steps:

The Four Steps to College

  1. Be a pain
  2. Push yourself
  3. Find the right fit
  4. Put your hands on some cash

Students, parents, and mentors should take advantage of all of the KnowHow2Go campaign resources.  Here are just some examples:

  • KnowHow2GO Florida web site - Includes step-by-step instructions for middle school students, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Mentors, Foster Youth, and Adults.  The site also includes links to specific resources within the state of Florida.
  • KnowHow2GO Campus Tour - An interactive guide about what you can expect at a college campus.  Be sure to click on all of the links:  Campus Quad, Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Center, Dorms, Student Center, Library, Athletic Center, and Career Center.
  • KnowHow2GO YouTube Videos - Find inspiration and learn how others like you are pursuing their college dreams
  • KnowHow2GO to College on Facebook - Get updates and stay connected through the KnowHow2GO to College Facebook page

Federal Student Aid

On July 20th, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education announced a new streamlined website and several social media tools that will make it easier for students and families to navigate the financial aid process and make informed decisions about paying for college.

The launch of the new website,, follows a report from the U.S. Department of Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about consumer protection issues with private student loans and recommendations to improve the student loan marketplace.

To access this free resource, please visit

Tomás Rivera Center – Online Study Skills Resources

The Tomás Rivera Center offers several online resources designed to aid students in becoming proactive in seeking additional academic support.  Here you will find online workshops, plus tips on time management, reading strategies, learning skills, and much more.  To access, please click here.